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Ever since 2018 there has been an extra  focus in Ukraine about sharing knowledge about «best practice» to people in need of AAC,
their relatives and professionals. The war has made this investment even more important. The AAC community in Ukraine encounters 10 000 users and professionals. 

All countries need academic books in their own language and this is lacking in Ukraine. Stephen von Tetzchner and Kristine Stadskleiv have been teaching in Ukraine and been in contact with colleagues there for several years. Stephen von Tetzchner, Harald Martinsen and Kristine Stadskleiv have written this book:

«Augmentative and alternative communication for children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities» (2023).

Professionals in Ukraine have a strong desire for the book to become available in Ukraine and have received permission from the authors to 
translate the book into Ukrainian. The edition based on scientific evidence and years of the best global practice, will become a source for training in AAC for Ukrainian parents and professionals. 

Region 2 in ISAAC International wants to contribute financially towards this translation and printing. The book will be distributed
to specialized non-profit organizations in Ukraine for free and sold by DyvoGra Social Enterprise to support the AAC community in Ukraine. Ukraine needs 8500 euros to implement the project (preparation, translation and printing). 

We are therefore starting a fundraising campaign. Your support in bringing this translation project into reality will be immensely valued and

More about the Ukranian AAC community at https://aac.org.ua/aac-in-ukraine/

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